Thursday, October 12, 2006

Worksheet 3

The picture is of methionine, one of the amino acids used to make proteins. It's beautiful, but not functional when it's in this crystallized state. You can check out more microscopy photos at Florida State's Molecular Expressions site, or you can just download this week's worksheet. See you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

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by:Dana Clifford

Anonymous said...

wow that is a nice picture

Brian L Fri 1

Sundeep said...

Wow, the extraordinary world of cells like the picture of amino acid used in making proteins and the 3-D animation of the world inside the cell. By the way, Dr. Williams seems to me trying everything on the cutting edge such as tablet PC’s to fully professional blogs, and helping out in fixes tech problems during lecture. I commend you for going beyond the call of duty.

Anonymous said...

I think that your blog is very pretty.
Dana Clifford
Friday at 11

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it's like a second text book! but prettier

Tiffany Vo Fri 2

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This is REALLY awesome! haha

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