Monday, October 09, 2006

Welcome to Dr. Williams' blog!

This blog has all the features of the old class web page, but it's more interactive. For instance, a couple posts up there is an invitation to view an animation of how cells work. Above this post is news about Nobel Prize winners. After you watch or read, post a comment!

Just to encourage you to try it out, I'll give a point to all my students who comment on a post before 6pm on Monday, Oct. 16. Be sure to leave your first name, last initial, and your discussion time (Fri 11, Fri 1, Fri 2).

Check back again on Thursday night to get your worksheet.


ali said...

hahaha I'm happy to be the first person to post. Just hope by the time I press sybmit someone hasn't beatin me to it. BTW We should tape Dr. O'Dowd demos and post them up on this site.

-- Ali Saadi
(Fri 2)

Tung Liu said...

i think the new site is pretty cool....... and i want a point!

Tung Liu

Anonymous said...

It is a cool Blog! I like all the biology related information and all the links. It has a gorgeous design too. 20 out of 10! (With 10 extra points)

Navid D.
(Friday 1)

Alysha Madon said...

I like the layout of the page and all the info displayed. I'll see you guys tomorrow!

-Alysha Madon

Anonymous said...

I love the new blog! I agree it is much more interactive than the old web site. Can't wait for discussion tomorrow!

Alexandra (Ali) B.
(Fri 11)

Lindy Gunawan said...

wow.. this is pretty awesome~

Rombod said...

this website is cleaner than the last one. my hands are really calloused from rowing, so ill stop typing. until tomorrow.

--Rom R.
(Fri 1)

Angelica Daksla said...

This Blog is so much better and looks more interesting than what we had before. I really like it.

~Angelica D.
(Fri 2)

Tim Cowell said...

I am definatey liking the site!!! It is very cool and interacive. Very nice job on it :)

~Tim Cowell

Anonymous said...

I think that this site is amazing! It's so interactive and it's a great way to communicate since we only have discussion once a week. I'll send you the scan of the 6 functional groups as soon as I can so that everyone can use it. :)

~Stephanie Baur
(Friday 2)