Wednesday, October 11, 2006

An Interfering Kind of RNA

In class, we've talked about mRNA, rRNA, and you've probably heard about tRNA. But this year's Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to a team that utilizes a fourth kind -- RNAi, or interference RNA. These tiny strands can double up and turn off genes, which can be useful or scary. Read the story here, and more here.


Anonymous said...

This gene silencer discovery is pretty big. Imagine if they can invent a microchip that silences onkagenes (cancer). This is a big break through.
-Jesse J Fri 1.

Anonymous said...

Nice web page, it sure has some cool pics and a nice design.
-Bharath Venkat fri @2


This topic reminds me of a segment I saw on NOVA (on PBS) last year. Here is a link to the website: You can even watch a video explaining how RNAi works, which is convenient if you don’t want to read. WATCH THE VIDEO, all of it. It’s really fascinating.

Bio Sci 93, Discussion B15 –
Friday, 2:00pm

Anonymous said...

This is a very interesting page, you have done exactly what you wanted. The topic about RNAi makes me feel like we're moving too fast but it is great that we can keep improving our knowledge and create more oppurtunities now.

- Minh "Mimi" Nguyen (Friday @1)

Anonymous said...

I think i've heard about knocking out genes before.
-Andy C Fri 11

Anonymous said...

Wow...rRNA, mRNA, tRNA, and now RNAi. RNAi is really useful and will hopefully cure cancer and other diseases. And there are also little segments called microRNA that was found. It's pretty amazing to think what we'll find next.

-Anh L. Fri 1

Anonymous said...

wow, this webpage is pretty awesome, much more colorful than the old one
victoria k fri @ 11

Anonymous said...

There are sooo many different type of RNA... I think i am gonna gonna get confused soon... sounds very interesting. this page looks a lot better then the other one too.

- Brian Luu Fri @1
(one of the 3 brian)

Anonymous said...

Wow. It's amazing how there are so many more discoveries being made, even with all that's already been discovered. I like the blog - very colorful.

-Sarah T Friday@11

Anonymous said...

The discovery of RNAi is wonderful because it lead on to more discoveries about DNA.
Because of the discovery of RNAi, scientists also found that RNA is made up of micro-RNA, which is used in the body's immune response. A mutation in the micro-RNA can cause diabetes. I believe these discoveries are an amazing advancement in medicine and research because now we are a step further ahead to perhaps fiding a cure to the "infamous cancer".
--Teresa U. Fri@1

Catherine Liong said...

That is kind of scary if it can turn off genes. Pretty interesting.