Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Look inside a cell!

Here is a really cool animation done by XVIVO, a scientific animation company, for Harvard bio students. See how many elements of the cell you recognize!


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this animation! I'm pretty sure I accessed it from Prof O'Dowd's site the day before or the day of learning about motor proteins - it helped so much when she was talking about how they seemed to "walk" along the microtubules. It's a very, very helpful video.
-Brittany Aguilar
Friday, 2:00

Anonymous said...

My friend Brittany from class showed me this video first and it helped me understand a lot about what was being talked about in lecture, especially motor proteins. Actually seeing how something works makes a big difference.

Amber Nierode (Friday at 2:00)

andreap said...

This annimation was amazing! it was really insightful and interactive and it helped me visualize what ive been learning about in the past lectures and discussions...i found myself trying to recognize all the cell parts as the movie was playing. it was really cool and helpful. Thanks.
-Andrea Pribac
p.s this blog is really nice..it makes things alot more interesting.

alim said...

I really liked this movie...the animation of the cell parts and their functions was very interesting and helped me visualize it very vividly. the background music was cool too :)
good job on the blog. its really fun to explore it !
-Ali M.

Anonymous said...

This is the coolest animation I ever saw, and it was educational too! My favorite part was when the motor proteins were walking along the actin filaments.

Tracy V.
(Fri 2)

Anonymous said...

the animation of the cell was really amazing. it looked like inside a cell was a society just like us working to get things done. i recognized a lot of things and i really liked how the motor protein looked like when it was pulling the vesicle along the microtubules!

-Nancy Wong (10/14/06 at 12:31pm)

Gwyneth said...

I've watched this animation several times already (i love the music). It's so helpful when my friend and i try to name what we see such as a motor proteins walking along microtubules (i wonder why the vesicle is so big),how the plus and minus end assembles,ribosomes encode RNA to make amino acids...The microscobic world is so amazing.This animation helps me to retain the information longer and visual what happen inside a cell.Thank you so much Dr. Williams
Gwyneth L (Fri 1)

cmcooper said...

I love this animation. I even got to share it with my church because we are doing a series on evolution and creationism. It was so great to take what I have learned and class and share it with others. This animation definietly helped me to grasp the concepts of the cell and it's structure!

Anonymous said...

This was a really helpful animation because it basically put everything that is in the textbook (for that section) into motion, so I was able to get a lot more clearer understanding of what I read. The animation is also done really professionally. More of these for other units would be really helpful.

Zoran Rakonjac
(Friday, 11:00)