Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Genetics problems

How comfortable are you with genetics problems? Here are some practice problems at two levels of difficulty.
Here and Here are some online tutorials with instant feedback about basic principles.
More difficult problems are here with answers here.
If you find other good sites, let me know!

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For those of you who actually read the posts, try this question:

A certain lethal mutation in a gene located on autosome 3 causes the recessive homozygote to naturally abort in utero. (Assume A is dominant over a.)

[1] This condition would result from a cross between parents with what genotype(s)?
[2] These parents together can produce offspring having what other genotypes?
[3] What is the ratio(s) of the offsprings' phenotypes? Hint: There are two possible types of phenotypic ratios depending on which type of dominance you take into account.