Monday, November 27, 2006

Best review packet for Bio 93

Do you feel overwhelmed by the material you need to study for Bio93? Do you wish someone would tell you what's important from each lecture? Do you want to start studying now, but don't know what to do besides re-reading your notes? I've got the answer! A Bio93 Wiki!

No, sorry. I'm not going to write you up a big list of every important topic from each lecture. But I do think that creating a review sheet is a good study skill. So let's work together to make an online, editable review sheet. I have 90 students, and there are 29 lectures. So... why don't you work on making a review sheet for one lecture, and other students can make one for other lectures, and you can build a really big review sheet? Work on this as much as you like, and I will check the wiki regularly and make corrections and suggestions as you donate.

I've set up the wiki here:
I set up the lecture headings already. Anyone can edit the space, so give it a whirl and let's see if it is helpful to you all.


Ali said...

Sorry I had some difficulty adding information to the online outline. How are we supposed to add under the lecture numbers?

Adrienne Williams said...

Try it again now... I changed the link.